"Eldur" Green Dragon (Foil armature, clay, paper mache, acrylic paint)

Black Dragon Puppet (foil, paper mache, acrylic paint) 

Mixed Media Sculptures

Polar Dragon (Foil armature, clay, paper mache, acrylic paint)

 “The Tundra Dragon” is an effort to create an even bigger sculpture with a different type of dragon and even more evolved techniques, including the use of clay scales. Even though they do not show, each of my creations has bones and a heart created from foil, a reminder of the origins of their creative evolution.

The large puppet was created for a Chandler Prep play. It was made from foil and paper mache and featured a full skeleton and hinged jaws.  Watch the video below to see the dragon puppet in action! 

Silver-Tongue Red Dragon (foil armature, paper mache, acrylic paint) 

The creation of this sculpture was a multi-step process.  First, an armature made from aluminum foil was created. Next, the foil armature was covered with paper towels soaked in glue. Scales were individually hand cut from paper towels and added one by one.  Finally, the sculpture was painted with acrylic paint and stain, followed by a sealer.  

“Eldur” featured new techniques, new features, and new materials. I made improvements from the previous dragon both sculpture and methods. When making this dragon, I freed myself even further from the limitations of foil sculpting. As a result, I was able to make a far more expressive face and a body that looks like it is in motion. I felt like I was breathing more life into these sculptures than I could before. 

Sam's Foil Creations