Sam's Foil Creations


(Currently on display at Chandler Preparatory Academy)

Monitor Lizard

Creating the Hydra

Small-Winged Dragon 


This is a gallery of some of Sam's larger foil creations. Each sculpture was created from a SINGLE sheet of foil with no cutting, no ripping, no tape, and no gluing. Sam uses a complex method of folding and shaping to create the figures, complete with teeth and claws.

Three-Headed Dragon

​​​​Sam's foil creations are all created following the rules of Pure Origami.

Headless Horseman 

(Rider and horse made from same sheet of foil)

Large Fire Pit

Crown Dragon (Currently on display at Archway Classical Academy Chandler)

Colossal Squid 

Seven-Winged Hydra 

HMS Bellipotent 

(created from a single piece of foil, except the sails, rigging, and stand)

Pleisiosaur, Raptor, and Terror Bird 

(Currently on display at Archway Classical Academy Chandler)